Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have Your Way

I am back at uni. I'm almost done with my 2nd weeks and I'm already getting sick of it. I think it's just having to get back into routine and getting used to it. After a month and a half of doing absolutely nothing you can see how hard it is to be following a whole new timetable. So far classes have been pretty good and right now I'm just having to cope with the work load. On top of that I've been working and doing some full day shifts which leave me unmotivated to do any work once I get home.

Anyway so I'm now an aunt, which is pretty exciting. I can't wait to see my little nephew. From what I know of he does not have a name as of yet. It's pretty funny because he was born on Tuesday night and I ended up finding out on Wednesday night. I came home from work and was talking to my mum, we were probably talking for a good 15-20 minutes and then she just said. You sister had her baby. I was so shocked because it wasn't the first thing she told me when i got home and that fact I had to coax it out of her.. hehe. I've seen some photos and I think he takes more resemblance of my sister.

When i got home from work today.. the first thing my mum told me she was going to Sydney for the weekend. Looks like I have most of the house to myself. hehe There's nothing better then knowing that your parents aren't gonna be home for a few days.. I have some freedom.. not like i didn't have it in the first place.

I better get some work done.. otherwise the homework pile will double by this time next week.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Once again another Paramore tune hehe. I put this one up specifically because I'm in some of the footage even though you cannot see me.. hehe But the most exciting thing is that they're coming back in October and I have tickets to go! Enough about that...

I have one more week of holidays and pretty much everyone will be back at uni by next week which means i'll be all alone and just settling down before uni starts. I should probably clean my room as well it looks like a bomb site. Most of the holidays have been spent either working, running around doing errands, seeing people, recovering from being sick and of course just hanging out. These holidays were really great because i got to catch up with friends I hadn't seen for ages.

I'm ready to go back into a new semester and completely working very very hard seeing as the subjects aren't really my forte. Good news is that I passed all my subjects although the uni hasn't posted up 2 of my marks yet. And I'm very happy to say I received a HD for my Professional Development class where i was receiving some very slack work from one other team member. I really have to thank God for that because I was freaking out that because of that one person all of us would suffer in our marks.

Right now I'm recovering from a cold so i better go and get some rest before Fungus tonight so i'm nice and energetic. =D

God Bless

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This song has been my obsession since i started holidays. I've just realised that the CW have used this song with almost every show I watch on their channel. Anyway I hope you enjoy..

The holidays have been quite disappointing mainly because there aren't many people to hang out with since most people are still going through exams and are studying hard. speaking of studying.. my subjects for next semester are quite intense. The subjects that I'll no doubt fail are Personal Financial Planning, Commercial Banking and Finance, Corporate Law and Law of Financial Institutions and Securities. Yikes! I'm also really anxious to find out results. Results will be released on July 12th which feels like ages, I just want to rip off the band-aid especially since I feel as though I did pretty well compared to last year. One thing I do know is that I did receive a HD for my Professional Development classes which is a big deal seeing as I had one particular team member let the whole team down and a person who was a friend is no longer. He did say some offensive things to me and just didn't co-operate with people and never has his work done on time. I was left picking up his slack and chasing him around which is something you shouldn't expect in Uni.

I am nervous for the Professional Development classes that need to be done next year. Seeing as it's the last year you go off with a bang! The final assignment is a big deal. The whole team has to present a business concept to a board of directors and afterward there is a 20 minute Q&A. Something to look forward too ey.

I'm going to be an Aunt soon.. My sister just sent me a picture of the last ultra sound before the baby is born. I'm might just have to go to Sweden to visit the kid. It's a boy just to let you know. =D.

Wimbledon is finally here. I can't wait to watch the continuation of the epic 10 hour match from last night. They both looked exhausted and Isner just couldn't break. I really do hope he wins. Good news for the Roddick fans as he went into the 3rd round. Yay!

I have about a month of holidays left. I need to start occupying my time with little projects to do. I could learn how to cook?? Or do some artsy stuff to hang in my grandma's room?? I have no idea what I'm going to do But I'll figure it all out.

God Bless.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Neutron Star Collision

With Absolutely no motivation to study i find myself blogging =D.. I'm happy to say that this time next week I will be freeeee as a butterfly. With all my assignments handed in for the semester and all my exams next week I'm done for my first semester of the year. I've been thinking a lot mainly whether I've done enough to successfully pass my subjects, I really don't want to repeat my subjects it is demoralising. anyway better go study nowwww...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Liquid Confidence

I have been M.I.A for a while. So sorry. There's nothing much to post about at the moment. Just going with the cracks at uni with exams in... 3 weeks away? I still have assignments to get done and all so it's kinda hard to study for exams at the moment for the subjects i have finished lectures for.

The last time i posted i have been and come back from Malaysia which was awesome. Although i kinda didn't enjoy it half the time because my family was there (mum, grandma and aunt). Don't get me wrong I love them but to some point they will drive u nuts! And most of the time was spent waiting around for people which is ridiculous. Even with that stuff i enjoyed it. I got to go places i have never been to and some new places which was awesome. anyway i have heaps to do at the moment so i best be off.. I'm pretty sure no-ones reading this.. =D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Only Exception

The last couple weeks have been stressful, fun and busy. There is just so much going on right now it's been hard to keep up with everything at once. So what to talk about first??

Alright the 1st week of uni was pretty good nothing too bad. I'm loving my timetable to some extent. I tried to squash as much as possible to one day so that i would have 3 days a week of uni. So i ended up with 6 straight hours on Mondays, 9-12 on tuesdays and 6-9pm on thursdays. The only problem with the thursdays is that night class do not like that one bit! but it's a little on the upside. i could be making more money during the day then if i were to be working after the lecture. Everything was pretty much introductory so nothing too interesting.

I should write about Paramore concert but i dunno how to explain it. but it is a memory that is forever burnt in my brain. It is simply indescribable but they do entertain very well. The best concert I've been to even with the injuries and the pushing and shoving going on in the mosh pit. I loved it!

Anyway the household is kinda in busy cleaning and cooking mode. We're all gettin ready for the wedding on Saturday. So atm the house is as clean as i have ever seen it.. never ever seen it this clean in my life. We're also getting ready for the guests to start arriving from interstate. This is the last stretch then we can relax well kinda anyway.
I should really start cleaning now.. so i better go!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I know it's been a while since I've been here and blogged but i've been on holidays and distracted with other things. I've never really have much to write about either. That's right I live a very sad life.

Did u like the music?? i hope so.. =D have fallen in love with this band slight before they were on tour with Paramore and saw them at the sideshow. They were awesome! very memorable. thought i might drop by for a quick sec i will share about the paramore sideshow later on.. need my rest for uni tomorrow.. ugh..